What Seer Rating do I need?

new heat pumps and furnaces for sale in phenix city alabamaSeasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is the rating system that we classify the energy efficiency of a particular heat pump or AC condenser. The minimum Seer rating is currently 14 Seer. The Seer rating is for the cooling season which in this area can be up to nine months. The HSPF is a rating for the heating efficiency, most every heat pump on the market has at least an 8 or up. Both ratings are important to save money and we are talking thousands of dollars in energy savings over just say up to ten years. A higher seer rating normally translates a higher HSPF (on heat pumps).

With 14 seer being the preferred choice due to carrying 75 % of annual  sales in the United States, a  14 seer it is an excellent choice to get the job done. Sixteen seer equipment and up to 20 seer account for 25 % of annual sales. This gives you a idea of the market trends on heat pumps and AC purchases. What many don’t realize is although a 14 seer, HSPF 8.0 unit is a big increase in energy savings and performance comfort from a old 10 Seer unit there is an opportunity to save so much more. Moving up to an Daiken product like a 16 seer, HSPF 9.5 two stage compressor and your going to benefit all year round in savings because the heating efficiency is up to a 9.5.

Amana is introducing a 24.5 Seer right now with inverter technology so, instead of the compressor running full always on full amp load every time it cycles on. It starts at only 30% (like 3 amps!!!). It will run only the speed needed to give just the right amount of rpm to maintain the desired temperature which will save even more energy. In most homes heating and cooling the living space for that house accounts for 50 to 55% of the total cost each month. What if you could reduce that bill by 35% each month?  The money saved each month could actually pay for the cost of the new equipment installed. And the comfort of enjoying a new worry free high efficiency heat pump is worth effort.

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