What about my Ductwork

new duct work system and insulation in lagrange GaDuctwork  could possibly be the most overlooked section of a homeowners comfort system because,its not very visible to the eye and if air is exiting out the diffuser its thought as being in working order. Well a lot of  times ductwork turns out to be in satisfactory condition However, it should be noted the importance of the ductwork. Ductwork is the artery of  your cooling and heating system bringing the proper cubic feet per minute (cfm) at the correct velocity which is in feet per minute (fpm)through your registers providing you with the correct temperatured air for the initial design. Duct work that is unsealed,leaking,coming apart,molded,colapsed, filthy,or badly insulated Will Create Problems and no matter how new the air handler & condensing unit is you will not achieve the efficiency and comfort results that is needed.

With that being said, we at Metro Climate Systems always inspect the ductwork and measure the cfm at every vent .Inspect for tape,staples,mastic,coming off. Ductboard tends to come apart after eight to twelve years normally due to attic heat,flex duct can become kinked if a holding strap comes off or it was routed improperly.Ridged duct tend to last but may become dirty or in need of new insulation. Our camera routed  inside the duct can provide answers and in alot of situations a duct repair is all that is required and if duct replacement is needed we will replace with new high quality material. Now in 2014 due to new federal guidelines all new mechanical systems will require duct envelope testing to ensure efficient operation.We at Metro have you covered,we are DET certified and have the equipment to do the test so,when the ductwork is replaced  customers know after seeing the duct blasting test preformed and getting  the results (a formal document showing the percent% of air leakage throught ductwork),a quality comfort system has been installed for many years to come.And if you have another contractor at your home and they dont preform this test they are in violation of the law and are costing you big money in energy cost down the road.