Why Metro Climate

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  Why call Metro Climate Systems ?

     When choosing the right heating and air company for a job ,rather it be a new home construction, a replacement of a heat pump, furnace, service repair or just a seasonal check up one better be careful on who they call into there home or business. While most contractors are good people wanting to do a good job and have good intensions. Time after time I see it not going that way and the home owner is left holding the bag. I find that most of the time this is due to a incompetent or inexperienced technician with no support ,overworked or in a hurry. Or a low bid job that a contractor cuts corners on for the job to turn a profit. Their are plenty of good technicians that are not capable of being  good managers and business owners. Metro Climate Systems try to stay competitive on pricing ,however, we must focus on quality of services delivered.

     Metro Climate Systems is a local top rated company with a gold reputation in this area. We strive to be the best in the business. To accomplish that goal it takes a lot of hard work and effort. We invest in trainings and employing top talent, to ensure that  properly trained technicians arrives on time with tools and a stocked truck to address and fix the problem to get your family back to being comfortable.

Metro Climate Systems goes above and beyond our customers expectations, because we know that’s the key to success and repeat business. Employees have background checks and  taught company core values along with the challenge  to learn more skills. Every one is insured through workers comp. The company carries  liability insurance to protect your home. We are bonded and maintain all state ,county,and cities business licenses across two states. We do all this and more to leave our customers with piece on mind knowing they made the right choice and would recommend us again.

About Us

Metro Climate Systems & Refrigeration LLC  was established in 2011 after  the owner Paul Potter felt compelled and saw a need to contribute to the industry.Paul has over twelve years experience in the electrical and Hvac industry and  has a service engineering degree and a organizational leadership BS degree. HVAC is  rapidly changing industry that requires almost daily updating and trainings.Having been employed  in service engineering for multiple automation companies Paul has learned over the years about many advanced systems that the heating and air industry is now introducing to the residential and commercial markets. Paul knows the importance of being technically educated when troubleshooting systems and making changes to ensure efficiency and safety. Metro Climate Systems LLC is a solid business that will see many years to enjoy building relationships with its customers. We achieve good results though being honest, fair, helpful, polite and going the extra mile for our customers all while maintaining a professional character and don’t leave a job until everyone is satisfied.

 The Metro Climate Systems customer Guarantee

Friends, customers,and colleagues I just wanted add a little background about Metro Climate Systems & Refrigeration and me the owner, and operations manager. Thanks for seven years of support!!!

I started this company  because most days , I am a people person. I like to help people by providing a service that improves their comfort and well being.  Customers, employees, business owners, family and friends all benefit from having a comfortable home and work.Also I am good at fixing refrigerated systems and managing jobs and people.  Being in this industry for twelve  years now, I have developed techniques and learned tricks of the trade, and have experience and training on many residential and commercial systems although, one can never learn everything  so, their is no dead in road in this business. It is a tough business to be in but that’s one reason I like it.

I honestly love doing the work. I have always had a great appreciation for working with my hands and improving the process. That combined with being a people person motivates me to offer five star service with competitive pricing on sales and service jobs So,I offer the ” Company Guarantee” which ensures customers that Metro Climate Systems LLC fully stands behind our work. We stand behind the craftsmanship of the new installation  or repair, We stand behind our equipment and its designed  performance. We are not done until our customers are satisfied and happy about the work done. If they are not we will address the issue or give them their money back. People know I have a strong work ethic and a gold reputation so, I would never want to loose being able to say that.  I also check up periodically with my customers because I enjoy talking with them and addressing  any issues. I like every customer happy so, they always know they have a friend in the business and will tell others about my company. Rest assured when you’re dealing with Metro Climate Systems you know that you’re dealing with a quality operation that has your job down as the most important job in America!!!!









To request a service from our skilled HVAC technicians, contact Metro Climate Systems & Refrigeration, LLC  of Opelika. We service Columbus & west Ga .