About Our Products

   Here at Metro Climate Systems & Refrigeration we are proud of the work we do and gladly accept the reputation of being your local trusted heat & air company.  To ensure us keeping that record we use  the most proven and trusted name in the business . Daikin is not only the biggest and highest quality producer of  comfort systems worldwide. They are a company on the move here in the America by investing billions of dollars in engineering and production in the United States. While most other producers are running for the border to profit from cheap low quality labor.

Their are other top brands that are available upon request like Carrier or Rheem, however, We try to install Daikin products due to their reliability. The equipment comes with a ten year parts warranty which is  a great benefit to our customers.

MCS offer a wide range Air Quality Products. The air quality in homes and public places are contaminated with thousands of bad contaminates that we all breathe. Dust, mold, flu, smoke, household chemicals, etc. If you can name it, its floating around inside your house. We combat this problem by using  Media filters, ultraviolet lights,  Remi Halos to kill and neutralize contaminates as well as creating ozone to remove odors. We offer dehumidifiers to keep the humidity down and control mold growth control  in  basements and under  houses.

Need Financing ?  No Problem !!! Due to our close relationship with our financing institution, MCS offers financing with rates lower than any bank will offer for a unsecured loan.  We have up to two years no interest, 60 months 7.8% just to name a few. Their quite a few plans to choose from to match any budget.  Just go to home page and on bottom right click on “Program Info”. The goal is to get pre approved after that we can discuss and pick the right terms.