About Our Products

   Here at Metro Climate Systems & Refrigeration we are proud of the work we do and gladly accept the reputation of being your local trusted heat & air company.  To ensure us keeping that record we use  the most proven and trusted name in the business and that name is Amana. We are a authorized Amana dealer and have developed a great relationship with the Amana brand over the years. Amana and their parent company Daikin is not only the biggest and highest quality producer of  comfort systems worldwide. They are a company on the move here in the America by investing billions of dollars in engineering and production in the United States. While most other producers are running for the border to profit from cheap low quality labor.

We have a great relationship that involves semi annual  training and support with all the existing and new upcoming systems that we are proud to take part in. The  ten year parts warranty is also a great benefit to our customers. On 16 seer and up the warranty carries a lifetime unit replacement which means if the compressor ever goes out you get a complete outside unit!!! now that’s standing behind a product. Metro Climate Systems also offer ASURE extended service plans on labor its just another way our products keep customers knowing their equipment is running efficiently year after year.

We also offer indoor air quality products. Media filters,ultraviolet lights to kill air born bacteria,dehumidifiers to keep the humidity down and control mold growth control like in a basement or under a house are important to keep the air quality healthy  for families to breath fresh air.

Need financing ?  we have that available with good rates. With over twenty different financing plans available you can choose the plan that best fits your schedule. Another product we offer and install is the ducted or ductless mini split heat pumps and air conditioners. Mini splits have gained popularity and can be a good alternative  to a conventional system. Maybe a FUJITSU mini split  heating & cooling system would be the right choice for you.These systems can be more efficient and physically smaller than their conventional counterparts.The SEER rating can go higher also because there is no ductwork on the ductless option to absorb temperature loss/gains  and very little on the ducted mini split. In the United States they are popular in upstairs bonus rooms,basements,or additions where all the ductwork would have had to be removed and resized for a conventional system to work properly.So instead of the extra cost one could use a mini split instead.These systems are designed and can handle the whole home with up to eight zones for total comfort and temperature control..Please contact us for more information.